DaBRANDe is your preferred specialist for Android app design services. Apps that we come up with are the perfect amalgamation of aesthetics and functionality. The intuitive apps are oriented towards the end-user. High responsiveness is among the key feature of the apps that we come up with. 

Custom Android App Design Services

Our Android app design services are highly customized and the best match for customer requirements. We invariably initiate the design and development processes with an in-depth consultation with the client. We understand their business requirements, target audience, expectations from the app, and the unique circumstances surrounding their brand in absolute detail before we initiate the designing processes. This helps up come up with apps that are the best match for client requirements and a true reflection of their brand. The apps accentuate the client’s efforts towards branding.

Highly purpose-specific apps

We create the best suited Android apps for you, irrespective of whether you are looking at finding more sales, leads, business, or B2B clients. While the apps are created keeping your requirements in mind, they also incorporate the latest, trending, and requisite functionalities that make a measurable difference to the apps. Upon consultation with our app design experts, they offer suggestions that bring about a great difference to your apps and prime them for success.

Android apps with matchless aesthetics

We come up with apps that feature state-of-the-art aesthetics. They are not just liked by the clients, but find the preference of end customers as well. The design elements are consistent through the app and accentuate your efforts towards branding. The apps are created using the best design practices and have a neat and clean presentation. The color palettes used are trending, industry-specific, and brand-specific.  

Technically sound app designers

We got a technically-sound, proficient, and a well-experienced team of Android app designers. They are passionate about their work and use only the best technologies and the best-suited ways of designing Android apps for you. This allows apps to deliver flawless functionality. We thrive in the varied work experience and expertise of our designers. This empowers us to come up with the state of the art domain-specific apps for the clients. In the past, we have created apps for varied domains, such as healthcare, fintech, sports, entertainment, logistics, and NGOs.

Dedicated to customer satisfaction

We value the relationship with customers above all else. Our customer reviews reflect high customer satisfaction rates and repeat customers are the norm at DaBRANDe. We will sincerely rework a draft as many times as required by the customer, while he is not satisfied, and never mind going that extra mile for customer satisfaction. Our sustainable apps are delivered to the customer in a flawless condition, after rigorous testing procedures. The apps deliver the best results for the client’s business. 

Well researched apps

The differentiating factor for creating Android apps in the case of DaBrande is a strong competitor analysis. The creation of apps and blueprinting necessary follows a 360-degree competitor analysis. We see the strategies that help your competitors find success and figure out ways in which we can further improve upon the same. We run through reviews in Google Play store to see the problems encountered by competitor’s apps and come up with ways to overcome the same. This creates a background for us to come up with innovative apps that deliver the winning edge for your business.

Procedural brilliance

When creating Android apps, our designers make sure that they do not compromise on the procedure for building the apps. This makes our apps of high quality. Before we create an app, we make a wireframe for the same. Sometimes, the UX also becomes a part of the wire-framing. With this, end to end structuring of the app is easy. Wire-framing characteristically involves numerous factors. This includes app features and the tools that make integration possible, like ERM/CRM software and social media. A feasibility analysis makes our ideas in sync with your business strategy.